Beware Online Childcare Recruitment

ID-100273517Margaret Cowell and Angela Spencer  of Nannytraininglink gave an interview for Homechildcarer Magazine on the dangers of parents using the internet to find childcare and for child-carers who post their CVs to advertise their services.

The warning to parents followed an incident reported in the national press in which a convicted paedophile used the online classifieds website Gumtree to advertise himself as a babysitter with the eventual aim of filming himself abusing young girls. Whilst this incident is in no way the responsibility of Gumtree, it nonetheless highlights the very real dangers of employing unchecked strangers to look after children, the most precious yet the most impressionable and among the most vulnerable individuals in society.

Margaret and Angela have vast experience of recruiting nannies through their respective agencies for over 30 years between them.  On many occasions they see on the web CVs for nannies who have no [verifiable] childcare qualifications/training, no DBS (formerly CRB) checks, no references or often any experience in childcare.  Parents take a huge gamble in agreeing to employ these candidates in positions as a live-in nanny.  With nanny work being predominately focused on the young and vulnerable, Nannytraininglink urges parents to be very wary of using unregulated methods for finding one of the most important carers in your child’s life off the internet.

Whilst the prevailing economic climate has encouraged “quick fix” solutions to finding childcare, Nannytraininglink urges parents to consider the pitfalls and hidden dangers of “going it alone” and recommends that the recruitment of child-carers through an approved and regulated nanny recruitment agency is infinitely safer and considerably more reliable than independent online recruitment.

Margaret Cowell