Changes to Parental Leave Legislation

ID-100273517New rules introduced in April 2015 will allow parents to share their entitlement to maternity and paternity leave following the birth or adoption of their child meaning that up to 50 weeks of leave and 37 weeks of pay can be apportioned to either parent. The rules mean that parents will also be able to have time off at the same time to look after their new-born baby. The new laws will apply to nannies who take time out for maternity leave (and so those employing nannies will need to be up to date with this new legislation) but potentially may impact on the nanny profession, especially for those specialising in the care of new-borns. THIS ARTICLE in the Guardian newspaper looks at what the changes might mean for parents and employers. Detailed information on the legislation can be found HERE on the UK government website.

Margaret Cowell