Child safety week 4th -10th June.

ccidents will and do happen when a young child wants to take an adventure they don’t see danger. To young children the world is exciting and open for exploration, whether its dangerous or not. As our senses, intellectual and understanding grows and develops we do start to see or worry about certain situations but this takes time. So, you need to be a child’s guide, and help them learn but keep safe. As a parent or nanny it is important to see the world as a child so that accidents can be kept to a minimum. At the end of the article are some links for more information.

Take for instance:

·        A bath: They do not see the danger of water. This could be that it is too hot or over 3 inches deep which can drown a small child. Always supervise from the moment you commence running the bath. Test heat with your elbow. Hands can take higher temperatures.

·        Stairs: Frightening or exciting? Need to be careful especially very young children stair gates a must. As they get older teach them how to go down the stairs carefully and supervised.

·        Pets: An important part of social and emotional development for a child. However, we must remember (I am a dog owner!) that they are animals and need supervision. Never for one minute leave a young child unsupervised with a pet. One wrong move or a tug at the tail, a scream from the child and basic instincts for your pet can come back. Not fair on your child or you pet to place them in this danger.

·        Car seats: Imperative, read up on the law and find out if you are complying. Link below

·        Garden: Do a risk assessment is it safe. Ponds covers, pool covered, garden equipment and solution locked away, and slides swings inaccessible for young children unless you are there to supervise.

·        The sunshine: Yes, in the UK you can get sunburn: Even if it is overcast if your going out for the day put cream on. The sun could come out and catch you out….

·        The bathroom: Hairspray, cleaning, medication blinds all spell fun to a child, but danger is ahead. Lock up and tie up the blind cords.

·        The kitchen: Hobs, washing machine, cleaning, dog/cat bowls all can be potentially dangerous. Lock and clear up.

Further information and Links:

Nanny training link offers training on Health and safety in the home, this is suitable to parents and nannies alike. For nannies this is one part of the common core skills training. Six parts needed to be completed to gain Ofsted registration.