Confusion over Childcare Voucher Changes

56138-20150117There are currently a number of changes in afoot regarding childcare support and nanny pay (most notably with pensions and childcare vouchers). As this BBC story highlights, these can be very confusing.

In order not to fall foul (unknowingly or otherwise) of the requirements of these changes, nannytraininglink recommends that families who employ a nanny use a reputable payroll company (such as Way2Paye) or an accountant to administer their nanny’s pay on their behalf.

Many people who employ a nanny are not aware that nannies also can be paid with vouchers; the scheme is not restricted to nurseries or childminders.  The only requirement is that the nanny is OFSTED registered i.e. the nanny must have completed a training course that offers the 6 common core competencies (such as the nannytraininglink Professional Nanny Training course).

For enquiries and advice on any aspects of nanny pay, nannytraininglink recommends that employers and nannies contact their payroll provider or HMRC. For details regarding  voucher schemes, those employing a nanny should speak to their employer’s HR department.

Margaret Cowell

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    Great Read,


    Have sent to all my current nannies also asked Suzanne at premier to email it out and Sarah at Nutkin Nannies

    Maybe go through the old list of ANA and see who else can subscribe.

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