Continuing Professional Development

ID-100101797 (Learn)Since opening my own nanny agency in 1996, it has become increasingly apparent that more and more nanny roles have become part-time.  As THIS ARTICLE in “This is Money” highlights, the reasons for this are many including the increase in the numbers of executive women, improved technology making it easier to work from home, improved flexibility in working hours, and (sadly) the increasing and sometimes unaffordable costs of childcare. Whilst the upside is that mothers are now able to spend more time with their children, from the perspective of the nanny, these changes have required the nanny profession to adapt to working more flexibly, taking on work-shares and working for more than one family at a time and splitting their working week and often their shifts too.

These changing demands mean that it is imperative that nannies and child-carers are able to adapt, to respond to the changing nature of their roles and the needs of their employers. Not only are contracts and payroll impacted but -more importantly- so is child/family management.  Indeed, part-time and multiple childcare arrangements often place unseen additional responsibilities on nannies and child-carers, bringing previously encountered or unforeseen challenges.

It is essential for nannies and child-carers to understand the consequence of those changes on the profession so that they can respond effectively and continue to offer a service that is suited to the modern world. All nannytraininlink courses are designed specifically to reflect these changes and to ensure that nannies and child-carers are fully appraised of current trends and developments in the profession. Continuing professional development is key not just to maintaining employability but to gaining advantage and winning the best placements. CLICK HERE for details of our current courses …and make yourself stand out from the crowd!

Margaret Cowell