How has the training for nannies in common core skills shaped the profession? can you help?

I wonder if anyone can help me with some questions regarding the registration of nannies through Ofsted. I am in my last module with the university course to be qualified in Education and teaching.I am writing about how training has affected our profession as nannies. The questions I would really like feed back on are:

1. Has completing the training meant higher wages?

2.Do you feel it has been benefical to help shape professionalism as training must be undertaken to Level 2?

3. Recent developements with training you would have liked to complete ? or seen introduced ?

Other details:

1. How long was the course to complete the training

4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, or online.?


2. Do you feel the course you/ or your nanny took was sufficent to then undertake the role? or would you like to see the course run for a longer period of time

3. Did you/ or your nanny have any previous training? please state what

All information is confidential and no names or details will be used. What I need to do is back up information I am putting into the essay regarding how training is shaping our profession. Once this has been marked and passed 🙂 I will post it on and those who do have time to send me any information I will forward you the information once it is all complete.

Thank you