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OFSTED Registration

OFSTED-LogoVoluntary registration with OFSTED for Nannies is a relatively recent development in the childcare sector. If a Nanny is not OFSTED registered (s)he will need to register. OFSTED registration is intended to enhance a nanny’s qualifications and professional standing and so benefits the nanny as well as the parent. In order to become registered with OFSTED nannies need to meet certain criteria. To learn more about OFSTED registration see OFSTED Registration Fact Sheet.

Employment Issues

There are as many employment options for nannies as in any other profession. We are frequently asked by our members (employers, employees and agencies alike) which option is best for nannies. Whether employment or self-employment is best is dependant on many factors and each individual’s particular circumstance is different. For guidance on employment options see our Self Employment Fact Sheet.-

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