Childcare Practitioner

ID-100275722 (Childcare)The role of the Childcare Practitioner is to work with children in a nursery, drop-in centre or day care setting. Childcare Practitioners do not need to be qualified in many establishments; in fact, some nurseries or day care centres offer “on the job” training to unqualified staff leading to an NVQ 3 qualification in childcare, a prerequisite to progress towards management within a nursery or day care setting.

Day care provision will often divide children between rooms according to age. Childcare Practitioners may work in one room with a particular age range or transition between rooms. Childcare Practitioners will often be allocated key children for whom they will have special responsibility including observation and report writing.

The Childcare Practitioner’s role is different to that of a nanny in that it is generally more structured and involves more paperwork. It may also involve shift work as nurseries with nurseries and day care centres extending hours to cater for the demand from families who often work flexible hours in their own employment.

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