ID-100213085 (Nanny 4)The role of the Housekeeper/Nanny is to care for the child or children in a home setting and to ensure that the home is run efficiently. Duties include

  • normal nursery duties expected of a nanny
  • washing, ironing, and cooking for the family
  • changing beds, dusting, polishing, cleaning, and any domestic housekeeping required to maintain a clean and tidy home.

Some employers may also include the organisation of entertainment for events such as dinner parties, which could require cooking for guests, arranging flowers and creating beautiful table settings and welcoming, themed environments for instance.

Some parents employ a Housekeeper/Nanny when their children are old enough to be at school. This allows the employee to concentrate fully on the children during out of school hours because housework is done during school time. Families with younger children usually employ a nanny and a housekeeper each with clearly defined duties. Where a joint Housekeeper/Nanny is employed it is generally the case that nanny duties are the primary duties and housekeeping duties are intended as supplementary to provide support when required.

Housekeeper’s duties vary from family to family dependant on any pre-existing arrangements the employer may have with, for example, an existing cleaner. In such instances, the housekeeper might assume a supervisory role along the lines of a house manager or personal assistant focussing less on the provision of practical help and more on organisation of the home and family. These “house manager” duties might include tasks such as on-line shopping, booking travel and entertainment tickets, present wrapping, errand running, dog walking, booking appointments, overseeing general family administrative matters or even helping to run the family business.

Housekeeper/Nannies are not usually qualified as nannies; rather they are often primarily housekeepers with some childcare experience. A Personal Assistant/House Manager/Nanny should be able to demonstrate organisational skills as well as have some nanny experience.

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