Mothers Help

ID-10033734 (Nanny2)A Mothers Help works alongside the mother as an extra pair of hands.  Mother’s Helps are not qualified and may have limited childcare experience. This type of help is suited to mothers who are at home themselves and need help with juggling childcare and housework.

Mother’s Helps often work on a residential basis and will assist with childcare and housework as needed. This may include the preparation of meals, school runs, running errands, or entertaining children when parents are absent.  Mother’s Helps are not expected to be left alone with small children for extended periods. A Mothers Help does not have the same childcare responsibilities as a nanny but rather expects to take direction from the parent and receive their advice on a child’s routine and upbringing.

Most Mother’s Helps benefit from some childcare experience and although they are not employed as domestic help should nonetheless be flexible enough to help out with whatever is needed to help a mother through a general or busy family day. A Mother’s Help may decide that they enjoy the childcare part of the job; experience as a Mother’s Help will serve as a good foundation for progress to working as a qualified nanny.

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