Scarlet Fever

teddy-242885_960_720The daily Mail wrote a large article on this over the weekend and we have decided to share this with our nannies and parents.

Nannies are often aware of childhood illnesses within their charges childcare environment i.e. playgroups, nursery or school very quickly due to taking the children to and from these activities. Any child who has their own health problems should be monitored carefully in looking for the signs and symptoms early on so to avoid complications. All nannies should inform the parents immediately and write this in the daily diary if informed of any of these illnesses. Parents can then make a decision as to the action taken. As explained above this is a treatable child hood illness and can be administered easily.

By keeping a daily diary for the nanny to complete and parents at the weekend to also fill out it is easier to spot when a child is beginning to come down with a virus or generally not feeling well. Most children become tired, possibly irritable, maybe have a slight temperature and off food so do keep an eye on children if you notice this occurring. By knowing what the children did at the weekend will help you make an informed choice. For instance, if they have been away or had a very busy time it maybe they just need a rest day and nothing more. Alternatively, you may notice they are not themselves and then you let the parents know and everyone can just keep a watchful eye.

Our training course covers communication with parents which is very relevant.

Always check with a GP/ Nurse if you suspect your charges have the signs and symptoms of Scarlet fever

Margaret Cowell