Voting for Childcare

ID-100273517Nannies often think that politics belongs to an alien world and that it doesn’t relate to them or their profession. However, decisions made by politicians do make differences to professional child-carers and those who employ them –salaries, tax, health and safety, and DBS checks are perhaps the most obvious examples.   Some changes that have occurred in the past that have an impact of nannies are:

  • Rises in Personal Tax Allowances: Nannies who agree a gross salary with their employer will have more money in their wages when changes in personal tax allowances from April 2015 will allow nannies to earn £10,600 before tax and national insurance become payable. This means that these nannies will have a little more in their pockets …whilst nannies who agreed a net salary will not.
  • Voucher Scheme: Newly introduced voucher schemes helped parents pay some of the wages of a nanny through meaning many more parents found that nannies were an affordable option
  • Tax Credits: Tax credits for parents on lower incomes have allowed parents to pay for a nanny through the scheme, This meant that many more nannies were employed by families who may not otherwise have been able previously to consider this.

So the election will be interesting for our profession, particularly with the announcement from the Conservatives on increased help for childcare for parents. The FAMILY & CHILDCARE TRUST have produced this excellent GENERAL ELECTION CHILDCARE FACTSHEET about the general election for those working in childcare in England.

Make sure you vote and vote wisely!

Margaret Cowell