Working Nanny Holiday Arrangements

bucket-and-spadeGoing on holiday with an employer’s family can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it is vitally important to remember that the holiday is a holiday for the family, not the nanny, who will almost certainly have been invited to ensure that the children are cared for whilst the parents spend time on their own.

In this blog, nannytraininglink provides some useful advice on what to do and what not to do as a working nanny on a family holiday. It is important to sit down with the family to plan in advance of going away to:

  1. establish arrangements for
    • morning, midday and evening meal times;
    • baby / child sitting responsibilities and duties;
    • bedtimes for the children should they differ from normally agreed times;
    • children’s expenses (particularly if left in sole charge of the children for the day);
    • personal expenses (which might easily use up a huge amount of salary);
    • duties expected during the day with or without the children;
    • hours of work and days off (should these differ from a normal working week);
    • room sharing (i.e. whether rooms will be private or shared with the children and family);
  2. clarify responsibility for travel, accommodation and insurance costs;
  3. keep up-to-date with the day’s events, whether planned or spontaneous: breakfast time provides the ideal opportunity;
  4. adopt a relaxed and flexible approach to work to ensure that the holiday is of the intended benefit to both parents and children (but also not overly onerous to the nanny!);
  5. agree what constitutes an appropriate code (especially for beachwear!); and
  6. establish rules regarding alcohol consumption.

And at a personal level, don’t forget to check charges for mobile telephone usage abroad to make sure that there are sufficient funds to accommodate the additional costs associated with roaming charges.

Tomorrow we shall explore first aid for children when on holiday. In the meantime, remember most of all to “Have fun”!

Margaret Cowell