Wrap-Around Care

ID-10033734 (Nanny2)An article appeared in the Daily Mail regarding Nurseries opening at 6am until 8pm to help working parents cover the hours to enable them to work full time.  The Government believe this will be more flexible for parents enabling them to return to work without the worry and concerns of time issues for care of the children.

Nanny links comments

Unfortunately, the Government do not seem to consider that wrap around care is available for parents in the form of a Nanny. Many nannies do work longer hours than establishments currently offer and this has always been the professions unique selling point. It also gives children the opportunity to be cared for at their own home.  Over the years we saw a trend commence for shared care which became popular where children would have a nanny part of the week and other care such as a nursery or grandparents the remaining time, which can be an ideal solution for parents.

There are advantages to all the care sectors available. Parents make the choice of the setting their children attend for many reasons this may be, hours available, location, and costs.  What seems to be forgotten is that there is a 3rd choice available to parents and it would be good if the nanny profession was more widely recognised as an option rather than dismissed. On any information put out about childcare it is always nurseries and childminders mentioned not the nanny as an option.

Nanny link is meeting with BAPN (British Association of Nannies) and ANA (Association of Nanny agencies), along with other groups representing nannies to further speak about the concerns of Nannies and how they just seem to be dismissed when Government look at childcare options. One aim is how can this profession can gain endorsement from the Government for Professional Nannies to have the recognition as a childcare choice.

Nannies should be checked, trained, have DBS, and first aid.  By going through a reputable agency they are able to ensure nannies adhere to these.  This further enhances the portrayal of a nanny as a professional childcare option.  All the above requirements to become a nanny are widely available with using the right sources parents can be assured of who is looking after the children and when employing a nanny, it is their choice who cares for their children

Margaret Cowell